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Chapters are an essential aspect of the Apollo Foundation as they allow various volunteers from the international community to come together and help impoverished schools and students from all across the world. These Chapters work on specific initiatives and spread the word in local communities and regions. They serve as an organized manner to create a network of volunteers and leaders; overall it allows us to accomplish more as a group. Creating a Chapter requires a large amount of effort and knowledge in organizing events, gaining volunteers, and raising money, thus, they are kept at the very minimum. If interested, simply contact us through email with your inquiry.


Chapters allow direct person-to-person contact with volunteers in their school, community, or region. Rather than depending on online connection with the Apollo Foundation's leadership team. Volunteering with Chapters is far more engaging as you get to meet new people and learn to work as a team.


Chapters help gage the full experience of the Apollo Foundation's vast volunteer opportunities. Furthermore, working with an Apollo Foundation Chapter as a school student gives you early access to necessary skills that are extremely beneficial in the future and various potential jobs.


Interested in gaining leadership to expand your skills and potentially build your resume? Starting a Chapter with the Apollo Foundation is the right way to go about doing so. Creating a Chapter requires a large amount of effort and knowledge in organizing events, gaining volunteers, and raising money. These skills are important to be a leader in the future and starting a Chapter will allow you to build these skills.

Our Chapters

Following are the Apollo Foundation's most well-achieved and progressed Chapters consisting of hard-working Volunteers and Chapter leaders. These Chapters serve as an exemplar for all Chapters and are the spitting image of what the Apollo Foundation aims to achieve. Additionally, we have numerous Chapters around the world as represented on the map.

Apollo Foundation Headquarters

Our organization has branched out to several locations across the globe, but we have kept our main chapter in Plainsboro, NJ, at West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North, known shortly as HSN. As the headquarters of our organization, or the place from which we originated, we have perpetuated a sizable array of dedicated volunteers to directly help our initiatives. These volunteers are directly in contact with and are mentored by the Apollo Foundation's Executive Board and aim to act as an exemplar body for the remaining chapters.

Gurgaon, India Chapter

Along with supporting the Apollo Foundation's various initiatives, the Gurgaon Chapter has gone above and beyond through supporting the Bagiya School, a regional educational center in Gurgaon, Haryana. With over 25 members in the Chapter and an amazing leadership team, these volunteers hold local fundraisers such as virtual concerts and awareness calls to showcase these projects and the hardships all these impoverished schools face. The Gurgaon Chapter works closely with the Apollo Foundation's Executive Board and Regional Directors to provide for the impoverished.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Chapter

The Downingtown Chapter in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was one of the first Chapters to be been created. Their extremely enthusiastic volunteers and leadership team are driven to make a difference in their local communities and for our main initiatives as well. They have been working to organize and understand the foundation's logistics and have incorporated various fundraising events and are in the process of generating curriculum material in various languages and monetary funds. Additionally, they are focussing on expanding beyond regional areas to encompass the global community as a whole.


Shown below, some of Apollo Foundation's highest achieving and self-driven Chapters have found, pursued, and tended to projects and initiatives Apollo Foundation had not known about. These projects and initiatives are specifically led by Chapter directors with the assistance of the Executive Board, thus, making it honorary.

Bagiya School - Gurgaon, India Chapter

Bagiya is a non-profit organization in Gurgaon and is registered under Section 25. It helps those in need who are at the "bottom of the economic pyramid." They are integrated into society with vocational opportunities so they no longer fall under the category of "those in need." The founder and director, Ms. Shilpa Sonal started the Bagiya project in 2009 in a small basement located in Gurgaon and now became a non-profit organization. The Sanshil Foundation is supporting over 300 underprivileged children, with five centers in Gurgaon and one in Noida.

Covid-19 Efforts - Mumbai, India Chapter

The Mumbai, India Chapter aims to provide sanitizers and masks to local municipal schools to help facilitate student's and staff’s safe return to school after the lockdown has been lifted. Masks will be provided to each student at the school and sanitizers will be placed at the entrance and in classrooms of the school. These efforts are led primarily by the Chapter leaders in Mumbai, India along with their dedicated volunteers serving the Apollo Foundation. The schools focused on in this project are Mitha Nagar Municipal School, Motilal Nagar Municipal School, and Goregaon East Municipal School. Sanitizers manufacturers for this initiative are Krishila Hygiene Products India Pvt. Ltd. and Hand Gel Sanitizer Mumbai