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Our Partners

While focusing support on the Roshni Learning Center, Apollo Foundation has partnered with the Asante Africa Foundation, Area9 Lyceum, and the Taleem Doo Foundation to provide education and funding to impoverished students around the world along with our dedicated volunteers and supporters.


Asante Africa Foundation

A strong, vibrant, and an engaged global team committed to empowering East Africa’s youth to confidently address life’s challenges and opportunities, thrive in the global economy and catalyze positive change. Because complex system challenges require system solutions, Asante Africa Foundation delivers an ecosystem model of interconnected programs that encourage, educate, train, and apply knowledge to life challenges. Programs are managed by local staff and delivered in concert with global support and key partners in the communities where we work.


area9 LYCEUM

With its experienced and regarded software development framework, Area9 Lyceum provides the Apollo Foundation with a dependable platform for efficient, precise, and high-impact learning. They support us in enabling the entire process from ideation to delivery and analytics. This is "personalized and adaptive learning at unprecedented affordability for both content development and learner impact." Through their perpetual and truly irreplaceable platform, we can serve our initiatives with effectiveness and proven improvement in learning. It provides an impactful teaching experience while teaching the underprivileged students we serve, such as those in the Mwangaza Muslim Mixed Day School in Kenya.


Taleem Doo Foundation

Talem Doo Foundation focuses on the access of education in underprivileged communities in Pakistan for the youth. They ensure that the impoverished in their area obtain a quality education and significantly align with the philanthropic concept of "Education for All." We have partnered with them to target these areas, and we directly work with the founder of this organization, Nadeem Ahmad Sargani, to support many more rural areas across South Asia. We aim to help as many countries and communes in South Asia as possible to fulfill our mission of education for all and the funding and provision of as many underprivileged students as possible.

Our Initiatives

The Executive Board of the Apollo Foundation has worked hard to launch several initiatives within various countries and regions. These initiatives are purely led by the Apollo Foundation and are supported by volunteers, supporters, and sponsors. Some initiatives are additionally funded and managed with the help of our partners.

Cameroon Initiative

The Cameroon Initiative aims to incorporate education and essential materials in the French regions/rural settlements of Cameroon. This initiative will be targeting these areas with the help of our Cameroon Regional Director and Organization supporter, Atangcho Fube Celestine, to effectively execute physical outreach. The Cameroon initiative has successfully made many breakthroughs in our goals.

India Initiative

In India, we have targeted many regions across the country to support and to align with our mission: funding, and furnishing the education of as many underprivileged and impoverished students across the globe as possible. The initiative has been able to support the Bagiya School in Gurgaon, India, where we aim to provide an upgraded education as well as funds to the school. Furthermore, this initiative has been supporting Schools in Mumbai, India combatting Covid-19.

Middle East Initiative

The Middle East initiative, directed by Nabilah Hizam, has been leading the development of a strategy titled the "Inspired Education Initiative." The initiative aims to improve access to quality education and strengthen the protective environment for impoverished students. The mission, simply put, is to eliminate illiteracy, reduce child labor, and encourage education to all genders. Furthermore, the initiative aims to rehabilitate refugees and children in places of conflict with qualifying vocational education, resources to rebuild their communities upon return.

East Africa Initiative

Apollo Foundation is incorporating STEM, robotics, and coding in schools in Kenya and along with collaboration with the Asante Africa Foundation and Area9 Lyceum. This initiative aims to effectively use pro-bono programs (provided by Area9 Lyceum) and fundraise money for the Mwangaza Muslim Mixed Day School in Kenya to teach these facets of STEM. These subjects are key components of the digital world. With the use of partnerships and programs, it makes evident that we believe that truly achieving "Education for All" requires a group effort.

Our Supporters

The following are Apollo Foundation's supporting figures in our endeavors in providing education for underprivileged and impoverished students around the world. Along with our supporters, the Apollo Foundation has made tremendous breakthroughs in these goals and our supporters have gone above and beyond in helping us achieve this.

dont blink

FTC Don't Blink

This FTC Robotics Team, known as FTC Don't Blink, has been able to support the Apollo Foundation generously in the Technology and Engineering aspects of the education we provide for our initiatives. Specifically, they have been able to provide us with iPads and FLL Jr. Core Sets to truly enhance the quality of education in the schools we serve. The Roshni Learning Center has set up two robotics teams using these resources.


Helyx Initiative

A student-led organization that aims to develop science and engineering slide decks and materials to upgrade the education of those interested. The Apollo Foundation is working with the Helyx Initiative to create and provide Science, Technology, and Engineering slides presentations to teach underprivileged students in Yemen and enhance their education in these subjects.